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My apologies dear vegetarians, you’re welcome dear carnivores!

Hey gals and guys,

Let’s take a moment to talk about the right protein choice and have a closer look to this, yummie yummie in your tummie, option.

This time we will talk about steak, steak is the right choice of protein for lean muscle growth. 250g of steak contains 317 calories, 59g protein, 0g carbs and 9g fat. Depending on the kind of cut, the fat will vary though. Tenderloin being much leaner than rib-eye for example.
It is not the leanest source of protein, but for building muscle the fat helps to spare muscle glycogen and stimulates its own production of testosterone. Remember that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. Becoming a lean, mean machine. Oh yeah!

The 250g steak also contains 45% of the daily intake of vitamin B12, which plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells, the body’s main mechanism for oxygen.

This 250g steak also contains 25% of the daily intake of zinc, an important mineral that is known for its antioxidant function and it also helps the anti-aging by protecting muscle and skin. In addition, zinc is also a stimulant for the own production of testosterone.

And last but not least, after eating this 250g steak, the body produces Creatine which plays a major role in building muscle mass.

Hope these stats and facts were as interesting to you as it was to me when I read them.

So remember to put the right stuff in your bodies if your goal is to have some lean muscle on your frame. Remember that you can train all you want but more than half the work is done in the kitchen the rest in the gym. Wanna get lean as F#$k, have a good steak just like in the pic above, with lots of veggies. No carbs needed especially later in the day.

Don’t be that guy on the right!!

I’ll be posting a vegetarian alternative soon, but being a meat lover myself I went for this post first. 😉

Stats and facts from my friend Ignace Paepe aka  ‘The Bodybuilding Chef’


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