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I’m Back!!!

Okay been a while I’ve posted something, been quite busy, so sorry.
Worked my ass off in Belgium, couldn’t train much but thanks to High Intensity workouts, like crossfit style workouts I managed to stay in quite good shape. Ok, I’m back in Singapore for a week now, damn jetlag was killing me BUT I’m ok now. Went for a run almost every day on top of my MMA training, so I guess things could be WAY worse.

Now been working on a fb page for my Personal Training  and coaching activities, almost ready. Gonna start training besides MMA at Crossfit Singapore BECAUSE in november yours truly is going for the Crossfit level 1 trainer certificate course.
I went through the manual and folks, this ain’t chicken feed, this is legit and quite the real deal to be certified in. I already use crossfit based exercises but now it’s time to go deeper into the subject. It will mainly shape the way I will conduct my coaching. I will mix it up with what can be usefull from my TRX and Martial Arts experience, to get anyone who wants to be, in the best shape ever.

Ok gotta run, MMA class starts in less than sixty minutes, BOOM!!!


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