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Crossfit Jitsu

I try to go on a regular basis to my BJJ professor in Brussels again. Has been a while. Only did a bit of MMA or boxing lately but found a way now to get in Brussels on time AND with public transport. Never thought I would prefer public transport that much over going by car. It’s quite awesome actually, you don’t have to watch the road, always take my little laptop with me to look at some BJJ instructional from the great ones (Jeff Glover, Andre Galvao, Marcelo Garcia, Abmar Barbosa, and so on). Love it! Beats the car anytime. Sometimes I was so knacked from work I had to slap myself not to fall asleep to get in Brussels in one piece.

My work has been swallowing a lot of my time recently, but I’m staying in shape with Crossfit kind of exercises at home. Truly awesome. My BJJ professor has caught the bug as well and has been doing Crossfit for over six months now and has taken it to the mats to crank our cardio up. Pure awesomeness and effectiveness I must say.

Yesterday’s warm up after a little stretch was 10 push ups, 15 lunges with 10 kg weight front-raising it during the lunge, 20 squats with the 10 kg weight as well. Repeating this as much as possible in 15 minutes and try to achieve as many rounds as possible with good form. Every minute the coach yelled for 3 burpees as well. Not too bad as a starter 🙂 Anyways after that it was sweep drills followed by some good old rolling for the last 45 minutes remaining.

For those who wonder, it’s at Icon Jiu Jitsu Brussels, classes are led by Juan Grizzo, Awesome super relaxed guy. Great atmosphere at the club. Love the fact how he added the crossfit to the Jitz classes cause that’s mainly how I’m gonna get results with my clients in the near future as well.

Crossfit are high intensity fat burning and lean muscle-building workouts, your cardio will go through the roof if you stick to it. Plus you learn to fight yourself. Cause whatever sport you want to excel in, you’ll have to agree that your worst enemy is yourself. When you get to convince yourself that you’re tired even when there’s still some left in the tank or even before you have even started your workout. Now you got to beat your past time, repetition, intensity.

No excuses allowed here. Just how it should be!!



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