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My buddy Kim Hock is getting ready to SMASH!!!!

My gym mate Kim ‘The Hulk’ Hock is getting ready to smash his opponent around this saturday 23rd at the Negara stadium KL, Malaysia.

He’ll be representing Juggernaut FC, Singapore AND the Avengers ;-).

I was really impressed with his performance and also how he handled his first PRO-fight in the earlier One FC event. He managed to stay composed and remain calm in front of such a big crowd for the first time. I mean this is huge not to get stressed too much before your fight, even more I would say Kim was having FUN. And that can only be in your favor if you ask me. I’ll definitely gonna be rooting for my boy, can’t wait to train with him again in september.

I would give a lot to be in KL this weekend to see this one live actually. Kim Hock is on the card, as well as AJ Pyro I became friends with and trained with. My former black belt instructor Rodrigo Praxedes. Adam Kayoom who I don’t know that well, but had the opportunity to train with him a couple of days when he was teaching at Bangkok BJJ, super cool guy. Roger Huerta is on the card as well, gave a wrestling clinic when I was training at Tiger, super nice guy too. I mean splendid line up, and knowing the guys who step in the cage is even more exciting then to watch right.

On the other hand my fiancée is coming over that same day after having missed her for nearly 4 months. So my thoughts will be in KL but then again maybe not that much. But as soon as we can untie each other, I’m sure we’ll watch it together on the net. She does Muay Thai and likes watching MMA as well (Lucky me). So go Kim, Rodrigo, AJ, Adam and Roger. Get that win and have fun doing it guys!!

By the way watch how Kim dominated in his earlier fight, you gonna love it!! Super entertaining fight 🙂


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