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Now who doesn’t love Rocky?!


This is like the modern age tale of how you can achieve all, as long as you are willing to pay the price and sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed, in order to achieve your goals! My props to Sly for giving us this inspirational tale. Personally LOVE the father-son scene. Where he talks about how winning is done.

In life or in sports, nothing comes for free.

When I was training in Thailand a new guy came by to check out the gym where I was training. Halfway through the training the guy asked a buddy of mine about the gym and if he was going to learn a lot. My training partner’s response was: ‘well you know, it ain’t magic! I guess if you put in the work, yes, you’ll learn a lot.’  BOOM!! He hit the nail on the spot there if you ask me! 😉

Whether it’s Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA or LIFE, if you’re not waiting for magic to happen, you’ll get a hell lot more out of it. And even if you don’t you sure won’t have regrets for not trying to or remorse to have given it your best shot. Cause life my friends, ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, you have to take the hits and keep moving forward 😉


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