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Improvise, adapt, overcome! Starting to feel a tiny better!!

Man, I had this thing in my body and I think I am finally starting to conquer it. Caught a cold more than a week ago because of the F”§@ed up weather here in Belgium and then it mutated into a something quite aggressive, going for my tummy and Tuesday my bowels. Didn’t allow me to sleep for two nights!! AND I couldn’t work out!!

Now the good thing is I’ve been thinking about a nice little workout that I can set my teeth back into when health allows me to again! (Let’s give it a try tomorrow!!) I probably will have to take it easy at first and then progress with time, cause this little bug took a lot out of me,  but this is how it should look like. You can join me if you want with this little home workout

– 3 rounds of 5 minutes shadow boxing (one minute rest in-between). Gradually increasing the pace and techniques used. (What I mean with that is you start of boxing, then you add knees, kicks and eventually shoots and sprawls upping the pace. watch good form of technique as well, be a perfectionist, although cardio has priority here.

-3 times 3  sets of different leg exercises with my TRX. I was thinking about 1/Runners’sprint, 2/Side lunges, 3/ Suspended lunges. The sets can consist of a certain amount of reps or you could fight time and see how many reps you get  when the set is for example 45s long. Make sure you keep a log so you can keep the score. If you’re working out at home it’s necessary to challenge yourself by keeping results and beating your best scores. When no TRX at hand improvise, adapt, overcome! Go for squats, side lunges and jumping lunges for example. Don’t take any rest between the different exercises, only 1 min between sets.

– Next comes 3 sets of 3 combined exercises. 20 triceps dips between two chairs, 10 dumbbell back rows, 10 dumbbell bicep curls. If again no dumbbells at hand improvise, adapt, overcome! Push/Pull principle is key here. If you find a pull-up bar for example that will work both your back and biceps at once. Again no rest between exercises, only between sets. 30 sec or 1 min.

– Core: 5 different exercises 90 sec each 1/feet and upper body from the floor, so you look like a banana 😉


3 & 4/ Side plank each side

5/ Bicycle crunches


Now this is what I call a nice workout to stay in shape  when work keeps you out of the gym, If you don’t cheat with your rest times this should only take 45 minutes tops.  Also this is only an example. Play with the times and reps. Make it harder when it gets too easy and bite the bullet when hard but listen to your body so you don’t injure yourself. So like I said before, get to work, no excuses!!! Only Lao Sai can keep you from it, haha.



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