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Damn money!!

Yeah that’s right!! Damn money! It’s all bout the cash in this world. You don’t need tons I  guess but you do need enough of it to get around. Investing in your future ain’t gonna happen with peanuts and a smile in my opinion. I mean if you don’t believe me try going to a bakery for a bread and just pay the dude with a smile. You just might get a smack in the face as change to your currency. Anyway what gets me the most is the fact that work gets in the way with my workout routines and especially my BJJ. I’ve been quite good of still working out and maintaining my cardio and doing strength exercises. But I miss the mats, seeing if I made any progression, learning new techniques, sparring.

I guess I’ll have to put in this sacrifice if I wanna get back to Singapore ASAP with enough money to start on my own as a Personal Trainer. Do the hours, do my time. If everything would be easy to get and just there to reach for, it wouldn’t be appreciated to its fullest when reached. It’s just another kind of fight and a test of how much I want it.

For now I roll in my head, I catch myself going through techniques, daydreaming bout them, almost every day I watch a couple of techniques out of my instructional collection. I wake up triangling my pillow ;-). It’s not the real deal but at least I have the feeling I’m still learning and when I roll that one or two times a week I feel at least I’m not getting worse. This is better than giving up on it untill september. By still doing jitz in my head, I feel I’ll make leaps when back at it like usual.

So for all of you who can train, think of me when on the mats and always be grateful for the times you’re able to do so. OSU!!


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