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So why?? whyyyyyy???

LOVE is the answer and what drew me to Singapore! I was training Muay Thai in Northern Thailand two years ago. Chiang Mai to be exactly and so was my, at that point, future fiancée. We didn’t really talk much at the gym and training camp. I guess you know, chit chatting or flirting isn’t really what you’re doing after having a 5 K run as warm up while the temp is about 35 degrees Celsius, followed by rope skipping, several rounds of punching and kicking pads, bags and the countless crunches and push-ups you squeeze in as well. I mean in between rounds you’re more likely to have some ice water and catch your breath, or maybe that’s just me. Anyways everything changed when there was a little rooftop party going on and my girl commented on my cute little behind. She will deny it but she actually hit on me LOL(okay maybe I hit on her after that little ice breaker)!! We started talking and everything else is now history. We became inseparable. Almost two years have passed since then and more than a year engagement as well. Best decision ever. Although it wasn’t always easy. Singapore and Belgium ain’t a five-minute drive as you know.

Coming over several times juggling my time between Singapore and Thailand (when I needed to save money). I realized Martial Arts was booming  in SEA, especially MMA and BJJ were on a rise here. But not only that, fitness and health awareness is growing exponentially in Singapore. You see it everywhere now, the government is even promoting healthy hawker stalls on national television. ‘Sumo Salad’, ‘Soup Spoon’ only a few examples of healthier eating options and we all know Singaporeans eat out a lot. So something is on the move, things are changing. People’s habits are changing, they wanna feel and live healthier and of course, THE BONUS, look better doing so.

Well that’s when it came to me that’s what I needed to focus on. I have a lot of knowledge to share when it comes to this and my profession should be exactly this. Show people how to get in shape and get results. I have Personal Training and TRX(suspension training) certifications and I’m almost ready to make the move! September I’m there, so by any means be ready to move, to sweat and to get results!!

Lucky me, I already found my home gym in Singapore to keep growing myself in BJJ and MMA. It’s at Boat Quay and goes by the name Juggernaut Fight Club(check it out). Myself having a blue belt in BJJ and aiming to reach black, when the time will be right and I ready, is my goal. Missing the gym a lot and can’t wait to get back to proper fight training.

For now my workouts besides one or two MMA workouts a week, consist out of 1 hour max workouts, cause I’m usually doing 12 hour work shifts. Not that great for my MMA skills but I think it will definitely make me a better trainer. Because so many people are in the same situation as I am now. which is true shortage of time to exercise. But don’t worry and I’ll even prove it with pics soon, one hour a day can be enough. And if I can do it, then so can you!! One hour a day can make you look like a mean, lean (fighting) machine!

Anyways, you all take care, I’ll keep you informed and hopefully inspired. Lack of time is no excuse anymore, get to work!!


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